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15th March 2013
12th January 2013
 Tour Dates

25th November 2012
Check out this new album with John Hampson on my discography page.

15th August 2012
On the road with Meat...

15th August 2012

Heather Braveman

Simply [EP] (2012)

Just finished this album with Heather Braverman and a few friends of mine, was a blast recording and Heather kicks butt.

8th March 2012
Heading out this weekend to Dayton Ohio to play "The Music Of Queen" with the Dayton Philharmonic.

17th January 2012

Bri Arden

Awake [EP] (2012)

This album just released recorded in Nashville with John Hampson producing,
Randy Flowers on Guitar and Danny Miranda on Bass, and me on Drums :)

15th January 2012

My Chemical Romance

Transformers 3 (2012)

“The Only Hope For Me Is You” is featured on the Transformers 3 soundtrack.
The soundtrack is available for
pre-order here.

21st September 2011
Heading to Australia to promote and tour Meat's new album 'Hell In A Hand Basket'

24th August 2011
Recording tracks for Meat Loaf this week in my studio. Also John Hampson of Nine Days.

4th August 2011

We just finished a new album "Hell In A Handbasket" with Meat Loaf. Very exciting for me, I have recorded all drum tracks in my own home studio "Sound Check". Which was Mixed by Chris Lord Alge, and produced by Paul Crook.

Well it looks like my next project will be a Meat Loaf Christmas album. I better order a set of sleigh-bells. Read more and comment HERE

3rd August 2011
Congratulations Matt song sounds great. It was a blast working with you on this album.

666 - visit say10.com by Matt Toka

24th July 2011
Getting ready for sound check for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

23rd July 2011
Had a blast tonight it was BOC, Cheap Trick and Meat. The fun part was sharing the stage with two great friends as well as drummers that play for these two bands, Jules Radino and Daxx Nielsen.
20th July 2011

Check out this album I worked on by Courtney Chases called 'Dreams-2-Chase' on iTunes

22nd May 2011

New Song "Stand In The Storm" Collaboration With John Rich, Lil Jon and Mark McGrath on iTunes Now!
The new single is now available for purchase on iTunes and 100% of the profits from the worldwide sales of the single will benefit their
individual charities. Read more HERE

14th May 2011
Check this song out it was done for Celebrity Apprentice, using Meat's band and produced by Paul Crook.
13th May 2011
As this season of Donald Trump‘s “The Celebrity Apprentice” winds down, the male musicians of the cast have collaborated on a new song and RyanSeacrest.com is giving you the first listen!

Finalists Meat Loaf, John Rich and Lil Jon join eliminated contestant Mark McGrath for “Standing In The Storm,” a song that showcases their diverse musical styles. The song will be sold on iTunes and proceeds will benefit all four celebrities’ charities.

“It’s kind of a rock/country/hip-hop thing,” Meat Loaf told George Lopez on “Lopez

10th May 2011
Working on Meat's new album...
19th October 2010
Check out the new My Chemical Romance album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys



29th October 2010
I'll be playing tomorrow at Dix Hills Performing Arts Center with Jill Gioia. Show starts at 7:30.

1st September 2010
24th August 2010
Kerry Ellis takes us through the recording process in the final run-up to the release of her new album, 'Anthems', produced by Brian May.
14th June 2010
Part II of the Kerry Ellis and Brian May official teaser trailer for Anthems, out in September 2010.
12th June 2010
Kerry Ellis and Brian May discuss her fantastic debut album, out September.
10th June 2010
Just received my new Sonor's for the Meat tour. They look and sound AMAZING.
27th Mar 2010
Check out the video for Meat Loaf's new song Los Angeloser, from his new album 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear.'
Blog update: Hang Cool Teddy Bear
24th Mar 2010
Check out the Discography for a new recording I did recently with Foxy Shazam
8th Dec 2009
Check out the Discography for details of two new Adam Lambert albums.
10th Nov 2009
Blog Update: Sponsor Justins Mustache
20th Oct 2009
Song recorded for Adam Lambert released today, check it out on iTunes. It's for the movie 2012. "Time For Miracles"
10th Oct 2009
Adam Lambert
19th Aug 2009
Drum Tracks finished for Meats album:
Recording Meat's new album 2009
Well I can finally take a breath now that I am finished with Meats tracks. This album really is exciting and kicks butt. I really got to play a lot at times. There are a few songs where Meat and Rob (producer) just said go nuts. :) believe me that's just what I wanted to hear.
It was great to see Meat dig his teeth into this album he really was arranging songs around like crazy. I think at one point he turned three songs into one big epic Meat Loaf classic.
I am blown away with the drum sounds Rob and Doug (Engineer) have gotten for this album. I will ask Doug if I can post a video up on his Miking technique. Crook took some great footage.
I would really like to thank Sonor, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Earthworks, and Evans for the support they gave me throughout this album. These companies are amazing, just always there when I need help whether its advice on getting a sound, or a piece of gear that at a last minutes notice needed to get my hands on. You guys rock.
To keep in touch with what is going on in the studio join up on Meats twitter page there is some really funny stuff on there.

Comments HERE
19th Aug 2009
Blog update: In The Studio With Brian May
19th June 2009
Blog Update: Fun Pictures
10th June 2009
Check out Meat loaf's Twitter page for more cool new video's from the studio...
4th June 2009
More pictures have been added to the Marya Roxx Euro 2009 album: Dresden, Leipzig, Hannover, 'On The Road' and two more cool albums by Steffen Swiech - Wurzburg and Daniela Vorndran - Oberhausen
3rd June 2009
Some cool new pictures from Marya Roxxx Oberhausen show have been added to page 2 of the Oberhausen picture page. Pictures Co Detlev Helmerich. You can find more of these pictures at http://events.homelinux.org
2nd June 2009
Check out Meat loaf's Twitter page for a cool new video...
19h May 2009
New pictures from Berlin have been added to the Marya Roxx picture pages.
15th May 2009
New pictures from Oberhausen, Wurzburg, Erfurt and Stuttgart have been added to the Marya Roxx picture pages.
8th May 2009
Blog Update: On The Road Again
29th April 2009
New pictures from Hammerfest 2009 added to the Marya Roxx picture pages.
26th April 2009
Just played Hammerfest. In Wales with Marya I will be leaving the tour early on May 20th to work on another project in US hope to see you in Germany.
17th April 2009
Meat Loaf Tribute BLOG: John MICELI : The Lord Of The Drums A very kind fan wrote this blog.
9th Mar 2009
I'm back in Vegas rehearsing with Marya for the upcoming tour in Germany. It's great to be back out here. I'll post some pictures soon.
4th Mar 2009
Blog Update: HI
3rd Mar 2009
Sorry for the lack of updates and Charity Auction's recently but I've been crazy busy in the studio and working on lots of different projects. I've been working with a band from the US called Scarecrow and am also going out with Marya Roxx to do 20 German shows as special guest on 'Lafee and Bands Ring Frei Tour' I'll keep you updated as I get any news. It'll be great to be working with Marya again. She Roxx! You can find the dates on my tour page and for more information check out Marya's Official website: www.maryaroxx.com hope to see some of you in Germany.
7th Dec 2008
Blog Update: Holiday Head Charity Auction More details on this months Auction!
6th Dec 2008
Lots of pictures have been added to the 'Casa De Carne' picture pages from Youngstown. They're from rehearsals and sound check. You can see lots more pictures of the band signing the Holiday Head.
5th Dec 2008
Blog Update: Charity Auction III You can now find the details of the new auction on the Auction page of the site.
13th Nov 2008
Blog Update: Busy with Marya and Amberley
12th Nov 2008
There's some cool new pictures of me in the recording studio with Amberley Thiessen in the picture section of site...
10th Nov 2008
The video for '21?! I shot with Marya Roxx can now be seen on the video page.
6th Nov 2008
SPECIAL ADDITION! In response to numerous requests, the skeleton tuxedo shirt John wore for the Halloween show will also be included in this months auction!
2nd Nov 2008
I've added the details of this months auction to the Charity Auction page. It's for a great cause so please check it out...I've also added some cool pictures to the picture pages from the Halloween show with meat this week...
I've added a new blog called Charity Auction II
The cool new video for '21?!' myself and Crook shot with Marya Roxx last month will be available to watch next Sat on Marya's Official Forum.
18th Oct 2008
New pictures added from Joe's drum Clinic in  Sonor Joe section.
15th Oct 2008
Today I was able to sponsor a 10-year-old boy called Jolien thanks to the Charity Auction. I've posted a new BLOG about it.
10th Oct 2008
Check out the new Marya Roxx '21?!' video shoot pictures. Video should be ready the beginning of Nov...
9th Oct 2008
I'll be out in LA with Marya Roxx filming the video for '21?!' It should be ready by 1st Nov. I'll add it to the video page when It's ready.
30th Sept 2008
I've added a cool new section called 'Charity Auctions' you can find it on the menu. I've also added a BLOG about it. The first auction goes on eBay tonight! See charity auctions for more details.
4th Sept 2008
 I have been out on the road with Blue Oyster Cult these last few weeks and I've added a new blog HERE Hopefully see some of you out on the road soon. There's also some really cool pictures from one of the BOC shows added to the picture pages.
Aug 2008
Register at Make History  then vote for Marya once everyday! To give Marya a chance to open for Motley Crue's 2009 US tour! You can also see a cool video of us playing 'Loverboy' live at 'The Key Club'!
Lots more pictures have been added to various sections of the picture pages. Most are on the 'me with fans' 'fans live pictures' and 'Casa de Carne ' sections. I'll be out on the rd with B.O.C for a few dates. I hope to see some of you at the shows.
'Winding Down' blog added HERE
16th July 2008
'I've added some more new pictures to the picture pages, from the Bath show on 4th July and from the bands trip to Stonehenge on the 5th July.
15th July 2008
'I've added some new pictures of me with some fans at the shows, on the picture pages. Thanks to everyone that's sent them in. If anyone else has any please email me them and I'll add them to the site.
5th July 2008
'Stonehenge - Meat Loaf class trip' video on the video page. And blog HERE
27th June 2008
'On The Road Again' video on the video page. And blog HERE
21st May 2008
Vegas Roxx magazine added to promo page
11th May 2008
Pictures from The 'Key Club' in LA added to picture pages
9th May 2008
Blog Update: The answer to all your questions..
There's some new pictures from 'The Joint' show in LA on Marya Roxx picture page.
27th April 2008
I'll be playing 3 shows this week in LA with Marya. See Marya tour page and blog for more info.
13th April 2008
Some very cool pictures added from Dive Bar with Marya Roxx on 10th April by Chuck Khoury
8th April 2008
New pictures added to picture pages, from Dive Bar with Marya Roxx on 2nd and 4th April
5th April 2008
I've changed channels on youtube so you can now find me HERE
1st April 2008
I'll be playing with Marya at Dive Bar in Las Vegas every Wed and Thurs through April.
25th March 2008
Thanks to the wonders of youtube we now have 'Marchello's - First Love' on the video page (at the bottom)
24th March 2008
Blog Update: What's going on:  
20th March 2008
Check out the picture pages for some cool pictures from The 'TOTALLY BAND in VEGAS' TV recording. There's some very cool pictures of Joey on there.
19th March 2008
We recorded a TV show called 'TOTALLY BAND in VEGAS' today with Marya. we played three of Marya's songs. '21?'  'Oh Yeah' and 'Rebel' Check back for video soon.
There's been a change in the band line up. Joey Vera has joined the band as our new bass player. Check out his website HERE
17th March 2008
Micelipad now available to buy on Ebay for $59.99 plus shipping
14th March 2008
Eight new shows added in April at 'Divebar with Marya
Tickets are now onsale for two more Meat shows in the UK
13th March 2008
Marya's EP '21?' is now available to buy online from the following websites...
BT PodShow
7th March 2008
Lots of new pictures added to Maya Roxx! From rehearsals and our first show.
Marya Roxx - Rox Club, Las Vegas Mar 6th 2008
29th Feb 2008
Three new dates have been added this March with Marya Roxx @ Dive Bar in Las Vegas. March 13th, 20th, 27th @ 10:30pm
28th Feb 2008
Meat's going out on the road this summer and our first date has been announced. it's At The Marquee in Co Cork, Ireland. Tickets onsale through ticketmaster tomorrow morning at 9am
22nd Feb 2008
Marya's Official site is now online. Very cool www.maryaroxx.com
21st Feb 2008
More Marya dates added. At Rox Club, Las Vegas. 6th Mar, 22nd Mar & 2nd May. Hope to see some of you there.
15th Feb 2008
There's some new picture's on the Marya Rehearsal picture page. With some cool ones of Crook.
10th Feb 2008
Blog Update: Marya Roxx
8th Feb 2008
New pictures added from Marya Roxx rehearsals in Vegas
5th Feb 2008
The 1st Marya Roxx show has been announced. Come and see us at The Key Club in LA on 5th May 2008! More dates coming soon..
26th Jan 2008
Yesterday Crook was a guest on 100,7 radio station. They aired a 40 sec clip of Marya's new EP '21?' Click on the picture to hear it.
14th Jan 2008
Blog Update: Stuff:
During all this craziness I have been designing my own Drum Pad with master craftsman Tony Favicchia. It's a drum pad different from all the others on the market. It's made from solid maple and it's more like an instrument than a drum pad. It has great tone and is very dynamic. It will be available to purchase soon on my Web Mall.
10th Jan 2008
Blog Update: Love Ya Joe:
2007.08.09 Cleveland - Joe
31st Dec 2007
Blog Update: Happy New Year:
23rd Dec 2007
Blog Update: Happy Holidays:
14th Nov 2007
Leipzig pictures added to fans live pictures (Bat III) and some other pictures added on various bat III pages
12th Nov 2007
Dortmund pictures added to fans live pictures (Bat III).. Thank's to those who have sent pictures in.
New pictures added of Me with Fans (Bat III)
6th Nov 2007
Meat Loaf tour cancelled - see meatloaf.net for more information
2nd Nov 2007
Blog Update: Hoppy Halloween:

25th Oct 2007
Blog Update: Crew's Night Out In Germany:

Oct 2007
New pictures added on III Bats Backstage Page
New pictures added on III Bats Picture page - Dortmund 18th Oct 2007
New pictures added on III Bats Picture Page - 'Fat Kids Sauce'
A Misc Live Picture Page added to III Bats Picture Page
20th Oct 2007
Bog Update: The Bat Cave:
19th Oct 2007
9th Oct 2007
Blog Update: Drums Out Of Hell:
Sept 2007
Blog Update: Only Kidding Around:
Sept 2007
Blog Update: Monkeying About: 
Sept 2007
I thought it was about time I added a news page to keep you all update date with what's going on here.